Aralia Tree Seeds

The Devil's Walking Stick and Chinese Angelica tree belong to the ginseng family.The Devil's Walking Stick is a tall spiny umbrella shaped shrub or small tree that grows to 30 feet tall. The Devil's Walking Stick tree received its name because of the sharp spines found on its leaf stalks, branches and stems. It is found throughout the Eastern United States in moist woods, parks, stream banks and trail edges. Clusters of creamy white flowers bloom in late summer. Dark purple berries attract birds in the fall. The Chinese Angelica tree grows to 15 feet tall and is considered a large shrub or small tree. It is a fast-growing exotic looking tree with sharp spines on its stems. The Chinese Angelica tree flowers from August to September. Buy Aralia tree seeds in 25, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 seed packets.