Easy Tree Seed Germination

How to Germinate Tree Seeds:

We are using Italian Cypress tree seeds as an example for these instructions. Italian Cypress tree seeds do not require stratification. 

1. Italian Cypress Tree Seeds require direct heat (70 to 75 degrees) and direct light to germinate (sprout). 

2. Purchase a seed starter heat mat for about $20. Click here to order.

3. You can buy a good growing light for under $50 at HTG Supply. 

4. For under $80 - you can have a simple growing system that allows you to germinate thousands of tree & shrub seeds.

5. I find that using small plastic containers from the dollar store work best for germinating tree & shrub seeds under growing lights. 

6. Add Jiffy Seed Starting Mix to the containers. Place the seed under the soil - usually 1/2 of an inch deep. You don't want your tree seeds deep under the soil. You want a nice loose top layer just enough to cover the seeds.

7. Keep your growing lights on for 14 hours a day and keep your seed starter heat mat on 24 hours.

8. Water daily to make sure the soil is moist (not soaking wet).

9. Most Italian Cypress tree seeds will germinate in 1-2 weeks.