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Red Maple Tree Seeds

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Product Description

  • About & Species

    Northern Red Maple

    (Acer rubrum, wings)

    Excellent tree for a lawn, park, or street. Red Maple Trees have a beautiful fall color. Red Maple Trees can reach heights of 40 to 120 feet.

    Growth Rate: Medium to Fast

  • Soil Type & Zones

    Soil Type: Prefers slightly acid, moist conditions.

    Zones: 3 to 9

  • Germination Range

    Germination Range: 40-60%

  • Stratification Requirement

    Stratification Requirement: Fresh seed (not dried) does not require a pre-treatment. Fresh seed which has been dried DOES REQUIRE a pre-treatment of up to 30 days cold stratification. We collect the seed fresh and then dry the seed - so we recomend you cold stratify the seed prior to Spring sowing. Germination rates will improve greatly if you stratify the seed. Stored seed also requires a pre-treatment. We recomend 30 days cold moist stratification. In storage the seed seems to develop a hard seed coat or a secondary dormancy and the recomended pre-treatment will increase speed and uniformity as well as % of germination.