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10 Flamboyant Tree Seeds, Delonix regia

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10 Flamboyant Tree Seeds, Delonix regia
10 Flamboyant Tree Seeds, Delonix regia

Also called Royal Poinciana, the Flamboyant tree is often rated in the top 5 most beautiful flowering trees in the world. It is native to Madagascar and grows in tropical/sub-tropical regions in zones 10 to 12. The Flamboyant tree is commonly grown in the Caribbean, Africa and Northern Australia. The Flamboyant tree is fast-growing and grows up to 90 feet tall. Due to its large bright red flowers - the Flamboyant tree is an excellent ornamental tree for streets, parks and estates. Its umbrella shaped canopy crown provides shade for people and homes.

Growth Rate: Fast

Soil Type: Prefers free draining sandy or loamy soil with organic matter.

Zones: 10 to 12

Germination Range: 70-90%

Stratification Requirement: Soak seed in warm water for 24 hours and then plant in warm moist soil.

Materials: seed