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100 Black Chokecherry Seeds, Prunus virginiana

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100 Black Chokecherry Seeds, Prunus virginiana
100 Black Chokecherry Seeds
Prunus virginiana

The Black Chokecherry Tree is a small tree or large shrub that grows 20 to 30 feet tall. White flowers bloom from April to May. Its red to purple fruits are used in making jams, pies, sauces and wines. The Black Chokecherry grows best in colder areas of the United States.

Soil Type: Prefers sandy soils, rock crevices. Dry soil tolerant.

Zones: 2 to 6

Germination Range: 60-80%

Stratification Requirement: Seed requires 30-60 days warm stratification followed by 90-120 days cold moist stratification.

Materials: Seeds