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100 Digger Pine Tree Seeds, Pinus Sabiniana

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100 Digger Pine Tree Seeds, Pinus Sabiniana
100 Digger Pine Tree Seeds
Pinus sabiniana

The Digger Pine tree also called the Gray Pine and Grayleaf Pine, is found in elevations above sea level up to 4,000 feet. It grows along the coast of California, the Sierra Nevada and Oregon. It grows 35 to 45 feet tall and occasionally up to 100 feet tall. It is adapted to long, hot, dry summers.

Growth Rate: Medium

Other Names: Gray Pine, Grayleaf Pine

Soil Type: Drought tolerant. Prefers dry or moist soil.

Zones: 8 to 11

Germination Range: 70-90%

Stratification Requirement: Seed requires 60-90 days cold moist stratification.

Materials: Seeds