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100 Indigo Bush Seeds, Amorpha Fruticosa

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100 Indigo Bush Seeds, Amorpha Fruticosa
100 Indigo Bush Seeds
Amorpha Fruticosa

The Indigo Bush is an attractive, fast-growing, thorn-less shrub that grows 15 to 18 feet tall and 30-40 feet in width. Starting in late spring and ending in early summer, the Indigo bush blooms purple violet. The flowering period lasts 2-3 weeks. The Indigo Bush grows well on riverbanks, islands, bogs, pond areas and in water gardens. It is found in most of the United States, Southeastern Canada and Northern Mexico.

Other Names: False Indigo, Desert False Indigo

Soil Type: Prefers moist soils and dry sands.

Zones: 4 to 9

Germination Range: 60-80%

Stratification Requirement: Hot water treat or scarify for 8 minutes then cold moist stratify for 30-60 days.

Materials: Seeds