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100 Pineapple Guava Tree Seeds, Feijoa Sellowiana

Tree Seeds

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100 Pineapple Guava Tree Seeds, Feijoa Sellowiana
100 Pineapple Guava Tree Seeds

The Pineapple Guava is native to the highlands of Southern Brazil, eastern Paraguay, northern Argentina and Columbia. It is considered a small tree or shrub that can reach between 3 and 23 feet tall. The edible fruit matures in autumn. It has a sweet, aromatic flavor. This is a warm-temperate to subtropical plant and will only grow in tropical regions.

Growth Rate: Fast

Soil Type: Prefers dry or moist soil and can tolerate drought. Adaptable to most types of soil. Full sun or partial shade.

Zones: 8 to 11

Germination Range: 50-70%

Stratification Requirement: None required

Materials: seed