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500 White Alder Tree Seeds, Alnus rhombifolia

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500 White Alder Tree Seeds, Alnus rhombifolia
500 White Alder Tree Seeds

The White Alder is a large pyramidal-oval tree reaching 15 to 80 feet in height with dark green foliage. The Largest reported tree is 112 feet. The White Alder is found from the Pacific Coast of Baja California up the coast to San Francisco Bay and as far North as Oregon and Southern British Columbia.

Uses: Shade tree. Native Americans used the White Alder to make a red dye for their baskets.

Soil Type & Zones: Found in rocky or gravelly soils along the sides of streams. Prefers loamy and clay soils and can grow well in nutrient-poor soils

Zones: 2 to 6

Germination Range: 30-50%

Stratification Requirement: 30-60 days cold moist stratification

Materials: seed