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Gray Alder Tree Seeds, Alnus incana - 25 Seeds

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Gray Alder Tree Seeds, Alnus incana - 25 Seeds
25 Gray Alder Tree Seeds
(Alnus incana)

The Gray Alder is a fast-growing large pryamidal-oval tree reaching heights of 40 to 60 feet. Native to Europe and commonly grows throughout the United States in areas such as the Great Lakes, Maine, New England, New York and the Southeast. Flowers from Feb to March.

Other names: Speckled Alder

Soil Type: Grows on stream banks, lakeshores, wet roadsides, swamps and bogs. Tolerates a wide variety of soils but prefers nutrient-poor soils. It grows well in sandy loam, chalky and mucky soils.

Zones: 2 to 6

Germination Range: 40-60%

Stratification Requirement: 60-120 days cold moist stratification.

Materials: Seeds